Monday, July 21

It really is difficult to visit the past at times. Last night I took the girls to see a musician I used to see a lot back in the mid eighties. I was astounded to see that he was playing in Easton, Maryland at a coffee house. When he came on stage, (actually, just entered the room and stood in front of us) he didn't look much different than twenty something years ago. He had the same moves and still had a strong voice. But the words he was singing were the words of a twenty something trying to describe his world. This man is now 49. And even the twenty somethings in my world are more centered and grounded in their surroundings to sink to some of the levels of lyrics this guy did.
The twins couldn't stand any more of the 45 year old women in miniskirts swooning so they left to take pictures of the Easton nightlife. I stayed for the next set because there had to be some redemption right? Well, it made me really appreciate my husband's willingness to abandon dreams of musical stardom and focus on raising a family and building a business to provide for the five of us. I appreciate that he would give up late Saturday nights to shepard us all to church early Sunday morning and fill his need to play music in that environment. I know when he gets the opportunity to play out with musicians it fills a desire for him, but he has sacrificed that for us and I love him all the more for it.

Thursday, July 3


Could someone please enlighten me as to where the word, "disappear" has gone to? Every day I hear and see places where this word should be used, but instead in its place is the very British term, "gone missing" or "went missing". I hate this. It truly causes a small form of anger to course through my veins. Oh, don't misunderstand. If you are British and saying this it doesn't bother me in the least. But, if you are an American and you are using this term....STOP IT! It's silly coming out of your mouth. It's silly coming out of every broadcasters mouth. It's silly in the newspaper headlines. It's just plain silly. You aren't saving any syllables. And you're making me mad. Oh! and I'm laughing at you inside my head at your pretentiousness too. Unless you're under the age of 12, then I figure you don't know any better.

Tuesday, July 1

Messiah visit

The twins and I took an exploratory trip to Messiah College yesterday. What a place! A beautiful campus on rolling green hills in Pennsylvania just 10 minutes from its capitol city. They have wonderful filled art studios for every imaginable medium. Rooms dedicated to musicians to play their hearts desire on pianos. Theaters that show recent movies to the students for just a buck. There are cinema rooms for film students and cafes for hanging out. There are auditoriums for speakers and shows and a gorgeous indoor swimming pool in a wonderful sports center. There is even a small museum in the science hall that hosts an elephant skeleton, a stuffed crocodile and kodiak bear among other specimens.
What a privilege for those accepted to attend. I wonder if they all realize it? The library took my breath away, literally! You can stand behind a glass wall on a balcony and look down over it. It was enough to cause a bibliophile to swoon.
All that and we were there in just over 3 hours from our front door to theirs. I made the round trip with just over a half tank of gas. Now that is worth considering in the big search for a school.