Friday, September 19

cold coffee, heated blood

My coffee cup sits beside me going cold while I listen to the radio and peruse the Drudge Report. I checked my e-mail, but there are just hate-Palin links from my mother. I sent her a quick e-mail to remind her that I am not talking politics with her. Isn't it interesting how a candidate that gives one person such excitement can make the other want to spew vomit across the room? Well, that was graphic! But I'm leaving it, because frankly I believe that peoples' feelings are that strong.

Emma just left for school, but before she did she asked how the market was doing this morning. (side note: Emma's volleyball team won their third game of the opening season last night. They stand 3-0 now, Em's the co-captain with her friend, Rachel)) I explained that while it isn't open yet, yesterday there was a huge rally. Then I explained that means nothing in reality. That's the wise buying of those who have money to get into a buyer's market. I foresee a huge crash in our near future. I think this is truly the tip of the iceberg.

I know I've been ranting about storing food and toilet paper, but if you haven't, please start. Food prices have soared, but they're going higher yet. Toilet paper, feminine products have all doubled in cost in the past two years. I see it doubling again. It's not as though it will go to waste, if you don't for some reason use it all, you'll have some to share. And people will need it.

Now, just a bit of politics...(I like to talk about it, just not with my mother)

Chris Dodd, Joe Biden and Barack Obama are the top three recipients of political donations from Freddie Mac. Hmmm...... John McCain was down at number 72. Why were any of them getting money from Freddie Mac?

N.Y. Congressman Charlie Rangel is in deep trouble for the tax evasion findings for his vacation home( he claims he didn't know he was supposed to pay taxes on income generated from outside our country), house sales (apparently didn't know he had to pay taxes on income generated from inside our country either), and ownership of 4 NYC apartment leases which are only for low income people. 4! He also sits on the Ways and Means Committee which writes the tax code for the rest of us. No one in the Democratic party is asking him to step down. Where is Nancy Pelosi on her "most ethical party" stance now?