Thursday, January 29

Covenant College for my Covenant Child

Days ago, I took Annie to Covenant College. She'd been there twice already and dreams of August, when she can go live there and start life without me. I mean start life afresh as a college student. We loaded up the car and set off into the mash of folks headed home from the Obama Inauguration which took place the day before. It was a bit ugly until we got toward the end of Route 66 west. Once we turned left onto 81 south the real joy began. Several hundred miles of pasture, hills and COWS! I adore COWS! Just when several hundred feet had passed since the last herd, there on the hillside would be troops more of cattle grazing. Bless that Annie. She never snickered. Not once. Oh, to be sure there was some eye rolling, but that was easy to ignore.

When Thom and I used to take the family to Sandy Cove for homeschool week, we always sighed when we drove through the gates. Yes, we'd say to each other, Jesus is here in this place. The peace was thick at Sandy Cove.
Covenant gave me that same feeling.

Sienna spent some time showing me Chatanooga. We went to a great Antique mall. I found some things for the shop (if they don't remain in my home by accident).

I'm going to spend some happy days down there visiting my girl.

Oh! And the food in that cafeteria is so good, I think I may put on the "freshman 15" just visiting Annie!