Thursday, July 30

"13" redeemed from superstition

Six soldiers hoisted the flag in that famous photo at Iwo Jima. That's twelve hands, 6 pairs of hands. But if you were to look carefully at the bronze statue in Washington D.C., you would count 13 hands raising the flag. When the artist was asked about this, he replied simply, "the thirteenth is the Hand of God".
I like this...

Saturday, July 25

1 vs. 300

Go back in time to the 1970's when a different swine flu was circling the globe. Big outcry from government for a vaccine. Unproven drug trials.
One death from flu.
Three hundred deaths from vaccine.
Will you be willing to inject this newest vaccine into your family's arm? It is said by the WHO that they will be running a special 5-day trial on it in order to speed things up and get it out there for children over the age of 6 months and up first.Thereby foregoing the usual months of testing.
Not in my family's arm thank you very much.
Start building up natural immunities now. Extra vitamin D will be a good thing to ingest right now. Especially since we've developed a sun phobia and slather ourselves with chemicals to protect our skin from any stray ray of sunshine.
As for myself. I've stocked up on Kleenex and cold medicine. I figure we're gonna face it head-on and be miserable for 10 or 12 days. IF it even explodes like 'they" are predicting and comes our way. We're all relatively healthy with no underlying issues. And I'm not above making a fashion de-statement with a fancy facemask and exchanging sun chemicals for hand sanitizing chemicals...I wonder if we can handpaint our facemasks, make them pretty and artistic and sell them on Etsy?

Thursday, July 23

lovely, lovely drops

It's raining a lovely, steady rain. I believe it has been over three weeks since the last such rain. It occurs to me that I should run out and scatter some grass seed to replace that which has withered away.
My giant,wet dog lays at my feet. Stinky.
It is so soothing to listen to this patter.
Thank you God. I've missed this so much.