Thursday, February 4

Canadian Premier heads to the U.S. for heart surgery...

Health Care: A Canadian premier, Danny Williams, said Tuesday he was headed for the U.S. for heart surgery. That's a bit ironic, given that Democrats hail Canada-care as a model for the U.S. and call our system "broken."

Hmmm. For me, the above says it all......
Yes, changes do need to be made to the system. No one that I know argues this. But, perhaps we could start with opening the state borders to choice in insurance carriers. And lets make a huge dent in torte reform.
Let's start small and work our way to this change and see what works, in as real a free market system as we could possibly have, if certain institutions would get out of the way.

Tuesday, February 2

True Luxury

I've got snow puddles by the back door that my aging dog has left there upon re-entry.There is cold leaking into the room through old windows and wall air conditioners which helps me appreciate this fleecy bathrobe and the gas fire to my right. A laptop computer keeps my lap as warm as a lapdog would (shhh! whisper that so that our 137 lb. lab isn't insulted!).
And coffee keeps enticing me to yet another cup. It's so fun to make and so good to drink. Pick a little pod of flavor, press it into the machine and push a button for your choice of strength. Better than a Starbucks in my kitchen. I love to cut the ends off of an orange and then slice into pieces. A little thing I didn't learn till my 30's. Before this I always peeled the orange. Messy job, that.
This is my typical morning hour.
Many, many thanks to Thom for this daily allowance. I know the luxury of this to so many.