Friday, May 23

oil companies and movie stars

Two days ago, the senate voted to sue OPEC. If you haven't heard this already, it's not a typo. Our leaders have decided to sue OPEC for breaching American anti-trust laws. Huh?! Does this frighten anyone else? I'm not even thinking of retaliation on the part of OPEC in the sense of them raising oil prices yet again. I'm thinking that this is what Al-Queda keeps accusing us of being...arrogant Americans who think the globe revolves around ourselves.
Did anyone watch any of c-span's coverage of our illustrious leaders interrogating the presidents and ceo's of the leading oil companies of this nation? Patrick Leahy (of Vermont)had the nerve to ask each of the gentlemen their salaries, which ranged from 2.2 to 12 million. Exxon-Mobil's president made the 12 million. He is in charge of 59,000 employees and is the leader of the lergest corporation in the world. Does anyone think he makes too much? And what defines "too much"? How come the senate didn't have Tom Cruise in to explain why he made 20-30 million per movie? Do you think Leahy had these same questions for Ben and Jerry when they made their first millions for selling ice cream?
I am a bit sickened by this turn on business. What came out in these questionings was that government made up to 14 cents on the dollar of gas sold at the pump, while the oil companies made about 4 cents profit on the dollar. And the senators didn't even blush at this. They just stayed the course on their attack. Hannah Singer was watching this with me at 6 a.m. Dear girl just scolded the television right along with me!
The only senator I saw who had any sense at all seemed to be Jeff Sessions (I believe of Alabama). This is a new name for me and I'll be listening for more of him....
All we can do at this point right pray.....please, please pray!

Saturday, May 17

I feel like a storybook character today.

It is brisk and fresh outside today. A lovely Saturday morning with an entire day of the unkown before me. I've checked the progress of the gardens and made strawberry-cream scones to share with friends from "over the bridge". They've come and gone, after we'd indulged in harmless gossip and page-turning of shop catalogs.
I've ambled my way to the store where I visited with neighboring shopkeepers and discussed the progress of sales for the week. Things are sloooooow. But I'm still smiling. Why, you may ask? Because, it's brisk and fresh outside today. Silly you!

Wednesday, May 7


Do you know the wording, "fresh-scrubbed", which usually implies natural prettiness? It is usually applied to young women. I gotta say that now in my late 40's I have met this saying for the first time in a personal way. If you are in your 40's, go to your bathroom and give your face a good healthy scrubbing. Then, quick! look in the only lasts for about 10 seconds, but in that fleeting amount of time, I feel "fresh-scrubbed". I wish there were some way to bottle this. I have no explanation. But my cheeks are rosey, and my skin is creamy. It seems cruel that it is so short-lived. I think my husband is going to have to start standing next to me each morning and evening while I "tidy"up. But then the toothpaste spitting might be a bit of a turnoff.....unless the next saying to make its way to the forefront is to be "spitshine..." Now there's an ugly thought.

Monday, May 5

tomatoes and oil paints and Ayn Rand

Jedd and I have just put plants and seeds into the first garden we've ever done together. There is much more work to be done, but it was so exciting. It's good for a kid (and his mom) to feel the dirt between his toes to truly appreciate the veggies that appear on the dinner table.

I've been clearing out the old and sprucing up the yard. The pond has been cleaned out and jedd put together a filter with a little fountain and installed it. Now it gives the impression of a bubbling brook. (It also tends to make us all feel the need for the loo)

I spent an afternoon at the garden shop with Janna picking out new perennials for the shady side of the house. Very exciting. Today, I actually planted one of the seven bought. Usually they sit around in pots till they're dead or dangerously close to death before guilt sets in and I stuff them in a hole. This new streak I'm on is holding staying power so far.

We bought a new battery for the camera so I may be able to actually put some pictures up soon.

Tomorrow is a new session for painting classes. I have no theme picked out to paint yet. Ah well, the right thing will pop up. It always does doesn't it? Yeah, I'm loving my life right now...

The current read is "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. It is time for you to read or re-read this classic which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It is such an appropriate book for this age. I heard today that a new government committee is being formed to discuss profit limits for corporations. !? Yeah, Ayn Rand had this fear 50 years ago.