Wednesday, November 26

the joy of technology

The thing I appreciate most about computer technology is the ability to get inside my kids minds to a certain degree. I know there are those who think computers actually suck the life out of teenage minds, but it has opened my girls thoughts and humorous sides to my viewing via blogs. I enjoy going over to their blogsites and seeing their worlds through their eyes.Often I am quite happily surprised by what I read. It gives me a view of their days that would otherwise go unknown to me. A little slice of school or what goes on in photo booths to make them laugh.
When I see how people, across the board of all ages, spell in this day and age, it makes me cringe. Humanity has come to accept, seemingly, the letter "U" as a substitute for the word "you". This is not okay. "R" is not an english shortcut for the word"are". I read through comments after online articles, and see adult writings spelled with words like, "your" instead of "you're", and "a" instead of "an" in front of a vowel-fronted word. This is offensive to my eyes. Are they just not checking or are they truly ignorant of the proper spellings and usage? It happens so often. And how about using "effect" when it should be "affect" or vice-versa? Or using "their" or "there" when it should be "they're"? Don't they teach this in school anymore? The list goes on and on....
But...when I see my girls blogs and their friends blogs, it gives me hope! For the most part, they all get it right. I visit my friends blogs and see emotions and opinions that otherwise would pass-by unknown. It gives an opportunity to get back to our writing abilities and stretch our brains a bit. Think about it. As an adult, when would I write for enjoyment normally? In school I always enjoyed writing. Once out of class there seemed no reason aside from the occasional letter.
So here, finally, I find my joy in technology. But I will never program a VCR. Never. Oh, no worries there are there? Aren't they already obsolete? Whew! That was a close one....

Monday, November 24

Thanksgiving starts today

I am cozied up in my chair by the fireplace this morning. I've had my coffee and seen both my girls out the door. One to school, the other to workout at the YMCA. Frigid temperatures swept over me each time they opened the door to exit. I live in hope for snow. I don't ask for major accumulation. In fact, last Friday's ongoing snowfall was fine with me. It flurried all day long with nary a flake staying on land for more than a nano-second. It was simply the beauty of the falling through air that gave satisfaction.
Mornings like this push back worries of economic woes and college acceptance letters for children. Life is good. I'm not looking for any problems today. Every crackle of fire reminds me of the security I have right now. I'm married to a man who I still adore after being together for more than 20 something years, and he's never made any bones about the fact that he stills loves me! I have three healthy, happy kids who don't give me any worries beyond finding money to send them to college. I have roof over my head, food in the cupboard and clothes on my back(and lots of backup wear in my bulging closet).
None of us are guaranteed this in life and its never been promised to last forever. God has given me so much more than I have deserved. But for today, for right in this moment, I'm going to simply sit in this chair and reflect and give thanks for this. It's, after all, the right week for doing so. I think we shouldn't wait till Thursday and bombard God with insincere thanksgiving all in one day while stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie. I want to take stock right now and let my heart fill with gratefulness and burst with happiness while I ponder it quietly....