Thursday, April 30


19 minutes till the work day is through. Quiet, still, peaceful day. A few good sales to ring the till and make the bankers and accountants and taxman happy. I've swept the floor,reaaranged stock and made a timely addition to my window display. I've a sad sense of humor so until I'm scolded a black and white pig standing next to a few packs of tissues which read 'bless you' on them stand boldly on a pink bench. My nod to swine flu.

Wednesday, April 29

choas begets order.....

Our ukrainian friend Kolya is taking on Thom's "honey-do" list today. As you can imagine I'm thrilled. Our foyer has had peeling paint from past leaks for years. Today, it will be scraped and prepared for paint. The upstairs bathroom has been being stripped of wallpaper for over a year. A tug here, a pull there. It wasn't even a half-hearted effort. Today, it will be finished, and prepared for painting.
The kids have begged for a dishwasher for years. In this economy, the sales were too great for me to resist. Why, it's practically free! It will be delivered this afternoon. Kolya is preparing the space for it as I write.
So, I've been filling boxes from cupboards and emptying the bathroom for the big scrapdown. My house is now chaos.
My father-in-law will be here for dinner at five o'clock. sigh.....Luckily he's the type of man who comes to see us, not the house. I think he'll be forgiving of the wreck he'll find himself in. It would be more thoughtful, I'm sure to reschedule, but selfish me likes his company. So dinner is on!

Saturday, April 18


Why is it that when I wake in the morning I feel "sugar-free? No need to rifle through the cupboards looking for a Reese Cup or other form of chocolate to melt in my mouth.
Why is it then that at 7 p.m. each night I feel like I'm going to hurt people if someone doesn't shove that brown gooey substance into my mouth thereby expanding my backside?!
Just wondering...

Monday, April 13

sun rotates around the earth?

Here is my latest pet peeve. People saying with all sincerity that "we are a democracy".
Were these people sleeping in history class? We are a Constitutional Republic. For ages I have refrained from correcting people because I didn't want to, well, I don't know what I didn't want to do, maybe embarrass them...

If we still said the Pledge of Allegiance to our American Flag in our schools, perhaps people would have no problem remembering this simply by having the words ingrained in their memories. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands.....

A democracy represents mob rule. MOB RULE! No thanks! I prefer my Republic where the government is meant to protect my rights under the Constitution, not grant me rights. Those rights, according to the wisdom of our founding fathers, have been bestowed upon me by God. The government has no authority to grant me anything. It would seem that they and many people of this nation have forgotten that.

But that really shouldn't be surprising. Last night Thom was sharing a poll with me from a magazine he was reading that did a "man on the street" poll. Apparently 23% of Americans believe the sun rotates around the earth. And 18% didn't know and didn't care. These were people who vote for the people who run our country.