Saturday, October 25

Midnight Ride

Last night, just past midnight, Annie walked into our bedroom and whispered, "Mom, Jedd wants you to pick him up?" Mother instinct kicks in past the 2 Tylenol P.M. I'd taken an hour or so previously and I swing my legs out of bed. He was staying at some friends out in the country. Not's literally a 12 minute drive.
I know there are those who say, let them tough it out and stay. I''m not one of them and my kids have never abused this fact. Jedd didn't call, he texted his sisters to ask them to get me. Emma,more than half asleep, refused to get out of bed and texted back, "no". (I think that's funny)
When I was little, I would get freaked if I spent the night at someone's house and then wanted to come home. I have always told my kids I would always get them no matter where they were. Whether it was a sleep over or if they were at a party that went wrong and they wanted out...
When I pulled into the long driveway and around the corner, there was his shadowy face in the door. I motioned for him to come, but he motioned back for help with all his stuff. He didn't want to wake the house so he was trying to be very quiet. As I pulled the door closed behind him and we tip-toed to the car I heard a voice from the patio doors. It was Maria, the boys' mother. We re-assured her and she smiled understandingly and wished us well. Once in the car, my boy thanked me repeatedly for picking him up at this late hour. He really doesn't understand that in my mind, this is one of the gifts of parenting. To give "rescue" to a child and let them see in action that we are there for him, even in this tiny way. Our time on that ride home through a dark cloudy night was precious. The huge hug I recieved from him was more than payment. I could have let him "tough it out" and there are times (even at sleepovers) where that is appropriate. But my boy had a different lesson last night. That when I tell him I'll get him, without grumpiness, but with happiness, I mean it and I'll follow through. God is constantly rescuing me from decisions I've made and He has taught me flexibility. What I wanted Jedd to see in this was not simply that I followed through with my word, but that I did it with a smile and a happy heart to see him at that hour. That he wasn't a burden, but a delight to my heart!

Monday, October 20

Why I'm voting Democrat

I'm voting Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending MY MONEY than I would. I think when you spread the wealth around it is good for everybody! It’s Patriotic!
I'm voting Democrat because I believe that business should not be allowed to make profits for themselves. All profits are evil and should be confiscated for Government Redistribution.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe that MORE Government regulations and higher taxes on Business will stop Business from exporting their jobs to Countries with LESS Government regulations and lower taxes.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe terrorists should be allowed to have trials in American courts. And be able to subpoena top secret documents, soldiers, government officials, etc. to cross examine for their defense. They should have ACLU lawyers who can help intimidate Americans who serve on the juries!
I'm voting Democrat because I believe Gay Marriage should be the law of the land and will probably produce better children.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe English should not be the official language of the United States. I don’t mind pushing one for English when I use the phone.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe partial birth abortion is okay but water boarding a terrorist is disgusting.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe having a domestic terrorist like Bill Ayers as a close friend is a good thing. It allows for great relations with foreign terrorists.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe in a FREE government health care system. I believe doctors, nurses, hospitals, drug companies, etc. will gladly donate their time, products, services, facilities, etc. for FREE and that will be a better system.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe in and support trial lawyers, frivolous lawsuits and outrageous jury verdicts.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe 9/11 was an inside job to con the American people to go to war for oil.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe social security is solvent and that there is a social security lock box and I don’t believe social security is a Ponzi scheme.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe MOST AMERICANS are bitter and cling to their guns and religion. Let’s rid our country of guns and religion!
I'm voting Democrat because I believe illegal aliens deserve all the rights of ordinary Americans plus some additional rights Americans do not have.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe corporations should pay higher taxes! I believe higher taxes on business will make the price of their products and services LESS EXPENSIVE.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe groups like ACORN who register felons, drug addicts, wino’s, homeless drifters, illegal aliens, dead people, children, fictional Disney characters, etc. makes my vote count more.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe celebrating the winter solstice shows compassion for the small minority of people that do not celebrate Christmas.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe hard core criminal murders and rapists deserve life and that the innocent unborn deserve death. It’s a choice I can live with.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe Bush caused Hurricane Katrina and he blew-up the levies in the ninth ward of New Orleans.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe that any one who is not partaking in one of the many wonderful government programs obviously has too much money and should pay higher taxes.
I'm voting Democrat because when we pull out of Iraq the terrorists will be happy and now think of us as good people.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe our soldiers are AIR RAIDING villages and killing innocent people.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe sex in the Oval Office with an intern is a private matter and that everybody lies under oath about sex.
I'm votin Demokrat becuse I wus edumkated at a publick sckrool. I lik da Natsionel Edukatshun Assoseeashun!
I'm voting Democrat because freedom of speech is fine as long as it does not offend people. Can’t we all just get along?
I'm voting Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits are wrong. I believe higher taxes on oil companies will produce lower prices at the pump.
I'm voting Democrat because I believe we need to rid ourselves of dependency on foreign oil, BUT I AM AGAINST offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, drilling in Anwar, building nuclear power plants and clean coal technology.
And finally, I'm voting Democrat because I believe Reverend Wright when he said “G-DAMN AMERICA” and “OUR CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST”. Hey let’s make a comfortable nest for those chickens!

(I didn't write ,this some mom did on a response I was reading to Joe Biden today. Mr. Biden said that if elected they would be forced into unpopular decisions due to some kind of attack on our country within six months of being sworn into office. He said noone would be happy with the choices they were going to make and that their poll numbers would be down in single digits, but to please remember this day and this warning and stick by them. They know what they're going to have to do even if we don't think it's right). I thought she hit the nail on the head in her sarcasm, so I'm sharing it with you....)

Friday, October 17

A New Day, A New Heart

After days of ridiculous warmth I awoke to a fine chill this morning. Emma was already up and readying herself for school. I remind her to take a cardigan. My morning cup of coffee feels better in my palm today. Like it has real purpose for being there. When I was little we walked about a mile to school every day (can you imagine that today?) Of course we complained about it. Especially on very cold New England mornings. My grandfather, Poppy, used to lovingly scoff at my complaints ( he lived just a few doors away from us) saying he walked at least 3 miles each way. He would tell me that, in the winter, his mother would pull baked potatoes from the oven and wrap them in a cloth and stick them in his pockets where he would stuff his hands for warmth on the long walk. Then at lunchtime he would eat his "handwarmers" for his school meal. The point of this little story is that my hands wrapped around this warm cup of coffee today reminds me of my Poppy's hands wrapped around his baked potato then.
Yesterday, I was having a bit of a freakout day about the economy. I was ordering inventory for the store and stressing about it. We sent in the deposit to Covenant College to save Annie's place there for next year and I was worrying about finding financing for that. My mother called and said 4 people at my brother-in-law's workplace had been laid off and my brother, Chris, called and said there was no work in N.J. (he's an electrician) for him or his friends (plumbers, etc.) and he wondered if Thom had work still. All this together led my mind to melt.
This morning is fresh and new. God has cleared my mind and reminded me that He will provide and protect for all my needs. I have always given donations to everyone who walked through the shop door and asked for them. These past weeks the amount of people asking has multiplied and I've started asking people to leave their "cause's" paperwork and I'd go through them and decide which ones I wanted to give to. Wildlife Turkey Federation, La Leche League, Maryland Charities, local schools, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society, every local police department, each local fire department, every church in the county. The list goes on and on. There have been days where I've had more folks ask for donations than I have had sales.
This morning I realize this is not the way. God has given to me and I need to give back to the community as I always have. The economy doesn't make a difference. I'm using that as an excuse not to give abundantly. This has lifted my heart. God promises He will continue to provide for my family as he always has. No matter what happens. It's just that my vision tends to get blurred. Fortunately, neither I, nor you, ever need worry that the Lord's vision will blur...

Tuesday, October 14

Dangerously Delicious Pies

It's 6.20 and the sun is quickly setting on this fall evening. I drink a large cup of decaf pumpkin spice coffee after being a glutton on aproximately 20 lime-tequila chicken wings. Yeah, that's least. yum.
I am reflecting on the fun of this past weekend. Thom and I left the kids to their own devices and went to Baltimore where he played with friends at the Patterson Theater as an opening band for Ann Watts and Boister's new album release show. (Jedd and Emma were home and Annie was in Georgia at Covenant College) We had a hotel room at the...I don't really remember what the place was called actually. But it was nice. The next morning we went to Howard Markman's house in Hampden where we also met up with Kevin and Judy Diaz. He lives in a fabulous row house on top of a hill (a hill!) where each house has its own bit of personality. In front of Howard's home there is a giant shrub which has been kept manicured as a topiary. It's truly like a giant bonzai tree. We walked further up the hill and into town and had brunch in the parking lot behind Dangerously Delicious Pies. There was a band playing Hank Williams Sr. ...(they were great and there's an entire small-world story attached to that)! It was so much fun! The pies were truly delectable. Flaky, flaky crusts. As the Scottish would say, this guy has a dab hand at pastry! My chicken pot pie was oven roasted chicken and fresh carrots, corn, peas etc. Thom has steak and onion. But passing by our table are chocolate cream and custard pies along with what I originally mistook for apple, but which was really a potato tart. The chef is some big, burly, tatooed, bald guy who walks around the tilting parking lot from tilting table to tilting table asking if we're satisfied. Oh yeah...we are! Apparently, "Rodney" (the chef, his bowling shirt says Hot Rod) was just signed by the food network to a series on his food. I hope it's true and you can experience this place vicariously through television.
After brunch we shop hopped. Judy finds a palm sized skull that pops out its eyeballs when you squeeze it. Worms come oozing out. I had to have one! I know, it's gross, disgusting. But captivating! (in a sick way) I picked up some great ideas(not gross and disgusting ones) for inventory in my own store . I can't wait to come back here with the kids. There are so many little restaurants and stores. Apparently, right around the corner from the pie shop is Ace's Cakes. It's a Baltimore bakery that excels in works of art in cake baking. Also run by a tatooed bald guy. Jedd loves this program. Well, that is the story of our happy weekend. Hope yours was as fun.

Tuesday, October 7

the color of fall

I will walk with a smile on my face for weeks now. Why? you may ask. Because it's autumn. Which means it's the season of autumnal colors once again. (plus, for a short while I can toss around the word "autumnal"). Start casting your eyes around as you go about your day. It's in the trees and flowers sure, but it is also draped over people's bodies. It seems a natural choice in the morning for people to gravitate towards rusts, chocolates, mossy greens and goldenrod in their clothing choices. I stood in the hallway of church on Sunday and delighted in the coordination of colors on the worshipers. Pumpkin was dotted on almost everyone, whether in a cardigan on a woman or a tie pattern around a gent's neck. It's warm and cozy. It creates cravings for pies and warm quick-breads fresh from the oven. It inspires one to curl up in a corner with a good book and a throw around the knees and toes.
The shadows of autumn cast long fingers and seem to reach in through windows to dull natural light early. We switch on lamps and push those shadows into the corners. Candles are lighted for scent and ambience. It's time to pull down soup and stew recipes from books on the top shelf. Root vegetables will start making their appearances on our tables once again. And Christmas catalogs are filling the mail basket en masse. My son is circling his heart's desire and leaving pages open so we can't miss them. The countdown from this lovely season to the next has already begun in his mind. But not mine....I love these days...

Friday, October 3

It's Friday night and my family is sprawled out on the big, red couch. Thom is in the center with Annie on one side and Jedd and Emma on the other. It started with Thom checking his e-bay sale. (He's selling a telephone booth!?) Kids gravitated towards him and now there is nonstop laughter and groaning as they peruse Youtube together. Right now, it's apparently "french beatboxer", there's been narcoleptic babies, Weird Al Yankovitz doing Nirvana, really bad skateboarders having accidents here in Cambridge, Roly-poly fish-heads ( a classic from my 20's) and people doing the hokey-pokey. It is truly astonishing how much time can so quickly dissappear once engrossed in this mindless exercise. But, I'm really happy right now at the sight and sound of my little huddled family next to me. Although I'm a bit concerned at the now ongoing search for the exploding whale....oh geez...really? Go search this one out for just get sucked into this. The fish category alone can keep you going for hours. Apparently I'm wrong. They're off again. Someone is playing a saw...